Mike Ilitch Has Died

Limited Womens Paul Coffey Jersey News broke this evening that Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers owner Mike Ilitch has died.

Detroit Tigers and Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch, co-founder of Little Caesars, has died at age 87, the Ilitch organization has confirmed.

The Ilitch family says it will have a private funeral for Mike Ilitch, and a public event is still being planned.

Ilitch was a massively influential player in the sports history of Detroit and it¡¯s safe to say that without him, most of us wouldn¡¯t be Red Wings fans today. Our condolences go out to the Ilitch family on Mike¡¯s passing.

When coach fired in season, almost 100% of time new coach says “we are going to be in better shape, or play at higher pace”..

… exactly. There¡¯s not much that can be changed in-season, so this is the standard post-firing line. And, really, how much better could the Bruins be implementing their system? They¡¯re suppressing and creating better than any team in the league. Pucks just aren¡¯t going in.

How much can philosophy or new voices make a bounce go their way more often?

So, it¡¯s hard to buy the voice thing Sweeney is selling. It¡¯s easier to buy the underlying message he was dealing under the table: Claude didn¡¯t like the roster he was given.

Zadorov was asked by The Denver Post after the game about the hit and had some interesting things to say about Trouba jumping him. Here¡¯s his take on the hit:

Zadorov said of the hit itself: ¡°I saw him with his head down and I just tried to put on the brakes and tried to step up. I think I caught him cleanly. Good thing he didn¡¯t get injured. I don¡¯t want to see him injured, but it¡¯s a hockey play.¡±
While confirming that Scheifele was okay after the game, Jets coach Paul Maurice said that he wasn¡¯t convinced the hit was legal.

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