Stone Cold Steve Austin has stunned almost half the people in this White House photo

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has stunned 46 percent of the people in this photo, including the president.

This is one of the greatest observations anyone has made in 2017 — hands down. Getting hit with the Stone Cold Stunner is a rite of passage for anyone who has stepped into the squared circle with Steve Austin, and this group all shares a common bond.

Linda McMahon was confirmed as Administrator of the Small Business Administration on Tuesday, which meant a photo opportunity with President Trump. Trump is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame and has deep ties to the McMahon family. His hotels hosted several Wrestlemanias, and he quickly became the face of …

“It’s never an easy decision when you put a lot into something,” retired NFL star Peyton Manning told from last week’s Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. “One thing I always took a lot of pride in was having good timing as a quarterback, good timing with my receiver. It felt like it was the right time for me.

“It might have been the right time no matter how it ended up,” said the two-time Super Bowl champion who went out on the highest of notes by winning his sport’s biggest tournament, “but it certainly made it sweet, being able to go out winning your last game.”

The way things are going, the man with 14 major titles among 79 PGA Tour wins may not even show up for a press conference called to announce his retirement. He’ll either be too physically unwell for a sit down with the media (as he apparently was for this week’s scheduled, rescheduled, and, finally, cancelled presser at Riviera) or too proud to call it quits, even though it appears it’s past time for him to make the determination that all professional athletes know is coming but most can’t believe they’ll ever have to make.

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