Phoenix NASCAR weather: Hot race day forecast

NASCAR’s trip out west has been a hot one since it arrived in Phoenix. Temperatures will be in the 90s with plenty of sunshine, and that will continue at Phoenix International Raceway for today’s Camping World 500 Monster Energy Cup race.

Contract values for Garcon and Goodwin haven’t been reported as of press time. It’s likely the team views Goodwin as a role-playing fourth receiver/speed guy. Garcon isn’t a No. 1 receiver in the traditional sense of the position, but he’s a reliable pass catcher who led Washington in receptions and yards last season.

The one I don’t get is Juszczyk. Sure, he catches more passes than your average fullback, but they just made him the highest-paid fullback in the NFL at four years, $21 million, with $10.5 million guaranteed. An average of $5.25 million per year for a position that’s all but eliminated in the modern game.

Every year in this four-year run, Virginia has posted a defensive adjusted efficiency mark somewhere in the 80s. That means if a regular Division I team played Virginia, you’d expect it to score 80-some points per 100 possessions.

But in each tournament loss, the defense hasn’t been itself. Michigan State posted a 105 efficiency rating in one of the tournament wins and a 108 in the other. Syracuse’s Elite Eight win came on the back of a 106. And Florida’s offense fared well, too, scoring 1.07 points per possession. This wasn’t a UVA defensive effort.

Virginia is the best defensive program in college basketball. Even the best defenses have bad nights. Virginia’s had them four years in a row on the same days that their offense has happened to also be bad. The two may be connected.10

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