NFL news roundup: Christian Ponder named Vikings starter, D.J. Hayden to IR

The Minnesota Vikings will roll with Christian Ponder for Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers, head coach Leslie Frazier announced Wednesday. The decision comes just a few days after Ponder was pulled for throwing two interceptions against the Seattle Seahawks. He was replaced by Matt Cassel, who struggled as much or more during the loss.

The Vikings’ quarterback situation is as muddy as any in the league. The team also has Josh Freeman, who is being paid $2.83 million this season to effectively warm the bench. None of the team’s three options have yet to prove himself capable of consistent production, though Ponder is arguably the best. He played well in Week 10 against the Washington Redskins, shaking off an early pick to throw two touchdown passes before leaving with a dislocated shoulder.
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What this move tells me, more than anything, is that John Idzik trusts Rex Ryan. When Idzik is trying to rebuild this team from the ground up, giving Ryan a toy like this that’s very much questionable to have anything left shows me that he trusts him to coach Reed back to a glimmer of his glory days.
Reed played 11 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens before leaving to join the Houston Texans in free agency during the 2017 offseason. He was released mid-way through his first season with the team shortly after he criticized team’s coaching.

Game Mens Walt Aikens Jersey Indianapolis Colts pass rusher Erik Walden wasn’t ejected for a headbutt of helmetless Delanie Walker on Thursday night, but if it was up to Walker, he certainly would have been. Walker told reporters after the game that the move was “bush league” and that he should have been tossed from the game. Walden finished the game with a sack, while Walker tallied 10 receptions for 91 yards and a touchdown.

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