Owens has a gripe with people who have bad-mouthed him anonymously during the past two years.

Youth Dwight Freeney Jersey “When it comes to questioning my character and what I did in that locker room, the thing that a lot of people are missing, is these coaches and these people are saying that I’m this type of person in the locker room, well who are those guys?” Owens said. “Nobody’s attaching any names to anything. They’re just saying, ‘Oh, this is what I heard.’ ”

“If you go look at a number of social media outlets and platforms, I’ve had a number of players that have played with me that have come out and said nothing but great things and said basically the polar opposite of what they’re claiming as far as me being a locker-room distraction or me being divisive.”

Simple things such as wide receivers catching everything thrown their way and cornerbacks being fluid in backpedaling into coverage can raise players’ stocks. Likewise, if a speed demon in the 40 can’t smoothly translate that here, it’s a red flag. Imagine that, football scouts judging football players most on football-like actions.

Youth Brandon Myers Jersey While most prospects have showed a clean bill of health from college through the draft process so far, this is the best chance for teams to check out the progress of players in recovery from something in their recent past or present. This year’s notables include a couple of linebackers, Notre Dame’s Jaylon Smith and UCLA’s Myles Jack, who both had their final college seasons cut short by knee injuries. No matter what it looks like now, teams need to be confident the player will be healed and ready for impact sooner rather than later. This also allows teams to sort out which players are just banged up vs. those who have longer-term durability concerns.

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