Draymond Green hit in face by basketball after Sixers’ Alley-Oop

Draymond Green may have had to ice his face after the Warriors’ 119-108 win over the Sixers on Monday night.

As Richaun Holmes finished off a huge alley-oop, the ball found Green’s face, and hit it — hard.

Those numbers are outrageous. However, Collins has a simple role for Gonzaga as their sixth man, and he could really help his stock by returning next season and becoming “the man.” We’ll see what happens here.

Ojeleye is a big riser this time around, as a powerful combo forward that showcases terrific defensive versatility along with a well-rounded offensive game. Not only can Ojeleye defend in a variety of situations both on the block and in switches on the perimeter, but he can also hit over 40 percent of his 3s and even create for himself off the bounce, be it in the midrange or all the way at the rim.

To pair with all of that, he’s considered an extremely hard worker. Given the way NBA teams are looking for combo forwards in order to play more versatile, perimeter-based lineups, Ojeleye will be a commodity if he decides to declare despite being 22 years old already.

In the second clip, notice where Kyle Lowry is on defense. Instead of sticking with Rozier on the cut when the Raptors hedge the initial pick-and-roll, Lowry parks himself underneath the basket to stop Thomas from getting a straight-line drive. Patrick Patterson then has to cover two players in the corner, and the Raptors panic when the Celtics start moving the ball around the perimeter following a scramble.broncos_118

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