Kings troll Lakers fans about fake L.A. rookies Shawn Carter, Ned Stark

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Shawn Carter has been to plenty of games at Staples Center, but some Lakers fans think he is actually one of the team’s rookies thanks to a prank carried out by the Kings’ digital staff.

In a video posted to Twitter Monday, Kings social media staffer Shahbaz Khan asked rival Lakers fans attending a Summer League game in Las Vegas about under-the-radar rookies Carter (birth name of rapper Jay-Z), and Ned Stark, a fictional character from HBO’s popular show Game of Thrones.

The most embarrassing response came from a confident Lakers fan who described himself as being a diehard since he was born. Maybe he should study up on Lakers rookies not named Lonzo Ball.

A lot has been made of how the Cavaliers are managing LeBron James this season. While he’s no longer leading the league in minutes per game, there are only 0.2 minutes separating him from Kyle Lowry in first place. That’s concerning on a number of levels, most notably because James is coming off of six straight NBA Finals appearances and has already played more minutes in his career than the likes of Charles Barkley, Steve Nash, Allen Iverson and Larry Bird.

Nick Vigil Jersey With Kevin Love now sidelined for about five more weeks, the Cavaliers basically have two options to choose from heading into the final stretch of the regular season:

As ESPN’s Zach Lowe recently said on his podcast, the latter would strengthen James’ MVP case. The former, of course, could impact James in the long-run if the Cavaliers make it to the NBA Finals for the third year in a row. We all know James can handle a ridiculous minutes load, but the Cavaliers have to ask themselves if it’s worth risking it at this stage of his career.

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