I think it’s a really great thing for me personally because for all the places I went

You’re going into the Bay Area Hall of Fame this spring. You spent your NBA career outside of the Bay Area, though. What’s that honor like for you, and did you always consider yourself a Bay Area guy?

I think it’s a really great thing for me personally because for all the places I went, this was always the place that I was always connected to, even after I left. I always came back when I could for games, stayed in touch with the coaches. I had professors from school that I was still talking to throughout my career. I was always connected to the school. With USF, we were always made up of primarily Bay Area players. So there was always a lot of pride in that. I was really lucky to come here, come here with great teammates. It’s awesome.

Your recruiting class when you came to USF in the late 70s was pretty highly respected. Had you considered other schools before picking the Dons?
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Yeah, James Hardy and Winford Boynes — in fact James is going into our USF Hall of Fame this year. It’ll be great to see him. But there were three schools I was considering. I did not want to leave California. So that left UCLA, USC and USF. At that point, I really related to our coach Bob Gaillard, who played at USF and was a great athlete. And our guys — our guys were Bay Area, Northern California guys and we were pretty much tied together.

Authentic Youth Clinton Portis Jersey Before you committed to USF, there was talk that some NBA folks were trying to get you to skip college. Was that ever a real option for you?

Hield’s emergence can by no means negate the utter stupidity of Kings’ GM Vlade Divac’s decision to part ways with a three-time All-Star who’s averaged more than 20 points and 10 rebounds per game in each of the past four seasons, and still had a year left on a sweetheart of a contract, given his numbers.

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