Bad sea bass caused Kevin Love to lose 10 pounds

Travis Frederick Youth Jersey Cavaliers forward Kevin Love reportedly lost a whopping ten pounds in two days after getting food poisoning from eating sea bass.

Rene Robert Jersey Hart’s been on the NBA radar for over two years now and even went as far as to declare for the draft last year. But after struggling at the NBA Draft Combine a month after starring in the national championship, he decided to return. Then, he put in a another average performance at the Nike Basketball Academy, leaving many scouts wondering if he was maxed out as an excellent college player.

However, Hart has taken the next leap forward. Particularly, his ability to create plays with the ball in his hands has become elite. Always an elite finisher around the rim 鈥?his 1.52 points per shot around the basket in the halfcourt is in the 94th percentile among all college basketball players according to Synergy 鈥?Hart has improved his ability to get there by adding better change of pace and direction to his game. He’s always been an excellent straight-line driver because his strength, but he can now get more space around the rim in a variety of ways.

Hart’s also improved as a jump shooter, hitting 39 percent of his 3s. There’s still a small concern about Hart’s jumper going forward, as he has something of an odd release that sees his hands more parallel to the seams on the basketball than most others players. But the signs are that he can be an adequate NBA shooter in time. Throw in the elite basketball IQ, tremendous rebounding for a guard, and defensive toughness that should make him playable early in his NBA career, and Hart has done a great job thus far of making himself a potential first round pick.

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