Jerry Jones is trying to stop Roger Goodell’s contract extension, per report

Roger Goodell is waiting for a contract extension from NFL owners that will keep him as the league’s commissioner for the foreseeable future. It seemed a deal was on the verge of happening, but now one owner is standing his ground and holding up proceedings: Jerry Jones.

Jones is not a member of the NFL’s compensation committee, which is responsible for extending Goodell’s deal, but he has injected himself into the process and slowed it down, according to a report from ESPN. A source familiar with the matter told ESPN just how influential Jones’ involvement has been.

“If not for Jerry, this deal would be done.”

So say Tony wants to watch a new movie, one that you haven’t seen before. OF COURSE he’s going to spoil it for you in the first five minutes — either by randomly guessing the ending or because he’s reading the movie’s Wikipedia page while you watch. He just can’t help himself — that much is clear. He can’t even let you finish a football game without telling you what’s going to happen before it does.

And come on — we all know Tony Romo was the guy who spoiled The Sixth Sense for everyone. His friends were probably just trying to watch it and he was definitely like, “I really think that Bruce Willis has been dead this whole time.”

So, yeah, Tony Romo is a good broadcaster. He’s likable, smart, and knows the game. But do you really want that in a movie-watching buddy? Hell no. You want someone who’s as clueless as you are.

So next time my good personal friend Tony Romo asks if I want to come over and watch Game of Thrones or just some movie on Netflix, I’m doing the right thing and saying, “Spoiler Alert, Tony: no.”

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