That doesn’t mean players taking a knee will stop.

The Eagles have a claim to being the best team in the NFC, a strong claim. They host Washington this week. Division games, especially in the NFC East, have a tendency to get weird though.

And then we’ve got the Rams. They’re good now. No, seriously. I made a nice niche for myself screaming from the top of the mountain for the last four years that Jeff Fisher was a terrible football coach. I feel validated. But it just feels like they’re probably due for an L soon, almost like a correction. The universe saying, hey, we took care of your 7-9 bullshit and now we need you to make a payment on that.
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Just to really underscore the season’s theme of screwing with expectations, we get the Falcons-Patriots Super Bowl rematch in primetime. Don’t fill up on 28-3 jokes before Sunday night, please.

Our panel has a strong lean toward the Patriots, doubtlessly influenced by Atlanta’s WTF losses to the Dolphins last week and the Bills two weeks before that. New England’s defense is trash this season, ripe for Atlanta’s high-flying offensive attack to get back on its feet. But, hey, remember the last time we thought the Falcons were going to beat the Patriots?

It’s going to be an individual choice, Butler said. I think the ownership, the team, the league and the players, I think are all going in the right direction.
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Reid told that the meetings were a starting point and he would continue to kneel for the national anthem.

This is a long-term project, if you want to call it that, Reid said. There wasn’t much that was going to happen in a two-hour meeting. We are going to continue to meet, continue to have dialogue and figure out a way to get these issues on track.

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