He’s been forced to drop back, and teams are teeing off, not scared by the Cowboys downfield.

With Saturday night’s announcement of Baker Mayfield as the Heisman Trophy winner, college football’s awards red carpet season came to a close. It was a jam-packed week during which the game’s best and brightest were herded into banquet halls, each collecting a pile of stuff to bring back home.

There were event programs autographed by their new friends. There were photographs taken at dinners and during bus rides to those dinners. There were, of course, lots and lots of trophies. But not even those accolades of brass and bronze were the most valuable booty loaded up and hauled onto the flights home, from Atlanta and New York back to Norman, Tuscaloosa, Athens, Clemson, and all football facilities in between.

There’s no doubt Prescott has pressed to make up for the defensive ineptitude, and it has backfired. With Elliott not there, Prescott can’t be as effective as an occasional runner.

“You act like they’re coming in with Kryptonite, Superman and Batman and Avatars and stuff,” Pittsburgh center Maurkice Pouncey said. “Heck yeah, it’s a regular football game, what do you mean? We’re going to go out there, tackle the football and run the football.”

Nope. Down to Brown’s rookie receiving mate, JuJu Smith-Schuster, leveling (and then taunting) Burfict, and then Brown getting smacked in the head himself by Bengals safety George Iloka in the fourth quarter, there were no lessons learned from past situations, distant or recent. Instead, each team was back trying to one-up each other in what remains a never-ending grudge match of revenge and retribution.

Brown, Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell and Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green had their moments as the superstars to watch in the game. Unfortunately, their big scoring plays were marred by players on both sides continually losing control, and neither the officials nor the head coaches were doing anything to maintain it.

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