Elite Rafael Bush Jersey Cahill was used almost exclusively as a reliever with the Cubs, but he has extensive starting experience. The other pitchers did the majority of their work in 2016 as starters.

Elite Will Fuller V Jersey The concept of piggybacking isn’t new; the Reds, Astros and Yankees briefly tried it in their minor league systems three to four years ago. On the major league level, the Rockies, another pitching-poor franchise, tried it in 2012. Colorado also went to a four-man rotation and imposed a 75-pitch limit on starters. The whole thing lasted from June 19 through the end of the season.

If Green wants feedback about that Rockies experiment, he can ask Chacin and Friedrich about it. Both were in Colorado’s rotation that year.

Perhaps the worst moment in Hall of Fame history came in February 2006 when 94-year-old O’Neil had a chance to be among the 17 Negro League inductees that year but inexplicably wasn’t selected. O’Neil died within a year. But it’s not too late to correct an injustice and give him a plaque in Cooperstown. He’s the greatest ambassador in baseball history. He was also one of the finest first basemen the Negro Leagues ever knew.

The loudest noises on this issue are coming from the crowd that wants the National League to join the American League and adopt the DH.

But what if we went at the issue in a completely different direction and eliminated both the DH and the pitcher hitting? That would leave just the eight position players to hit. That’s not a new idea, but it is still an idea worth considering.

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Former lefty reliever C.J. Nitkowski will be part of Texas Rangers broadcasts next season, serving as a color analyst.

Not exactly the biggest Hot Stove development this offseason, but Nitkowski isn’t your typical ex-player personality.

Nitkowski pitched for the Reds, Mets, Tigers, Astros, Rangers, Braves, Yankees, Nationals, Fukuoku Softbank Hawks, several Korean teams and two weeks of Twins camp.
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Now, lucky Rangers fans now get to experience Nitkowski’s talents next summer watching their favorite team.

Cameras are generally verboten in front-office meetings, but Turner had promised access 鈥?and he gave it, even when he planned to chew someone out.

Diamond would get warning of the meetings so he and the crew would be ready to capture everything. But other than Turner, those in the meetings 鈥?Torre, Gibson, general manager John Mullen and others 鈥?had no idea their chewing out would be preserved for public consumption.

You can tell in their demeanor and in their faces that that was not something that they were real excited about, Diamond said. I don’t think they were happy about the meeting anyway, and the fact that when they walked in to the room 鈥?they were walking into basically a conference room that was turned into a television studio.

Being at the ready to capture such moments was part of the job, and the crew never quite knew where the next bit of unexpected drama would emerge.

We were basically on 24/7 watch for seven months, Diamond said.

During a road trip in late August, word came that veteran reliever Al Hrabosky had been released. Diamond scrambled the crew to a hotel suite, where Hrabosky opened up about his career, his season, and his belief that he still had value as a pitcher.

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The Chiefs and quarterback whisperer Andy Reid traded up 17 spots with the Bills on Thursday night to draft the QB they wanted, Patrick Mahomes II.

The Bills still got the better end of the deal. For now, at least. Assuming they can make something special out of the first-round pick next year they got from KC.
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They would have to mess it up pretty badly, though, to get burned on this. And they’d have to mess up pretty badly in 2017 overall for the much-maligned, seemingly power-deficient Doug Whaley to not be around to make the pick himself.
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As Bills general manager the last few years, Whaley has been blessed with a certain amount of luck, having been retained through two coaching changes in three seasons — and cursed by bad luck, which was on display late last season when it became clear he was left out of some major decisions by owners Terry and Kim Pegula.

The products of some of his most impactful draft deals have been hurt by bad luck, too: Sammy Watkins (in 2014) and Shaq Lawson (in 2016) have been hampered by injuries.

But on Thursday, the Bills, with the 10th pick, made the move with the Chiefs, who were at No. 27 — moving down and picking up not only a first-rounder in 2018 but also a second third-rounder this year. On Friday they’ll have three picks in the second and third rounds, then three fifth-rounders Saturday.

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We once thought of great defensive players in one of two categories: shutdown wings and rim-protecting behemoths. This Defensive Player of the Year race features one of each of those: Kawhi Leonard in San Antonio and Rudy Gobert in Utah. Both guys are great at what they do and I take nothing away from them.

Green, however, is something else entirely. You can scheme Leonard and Gobert out of a play, either by using Leonard’s man as a decoy (as CBS Sports’ Matt Moore observed earlier this year) or by forcing Gobert to defend in space. Neither is foolproof or easy, but there’s a roadmap.

By draft day in late June, Doc Rivers will be the President of Basketball Operations for the Orlando Magic. After Rob Hennigan’s experiment crashed and burned in Orlando, there’s an opening for Rivers to return. I believe that Doc’s wife has stayed in Florida for the last several years, even with Doc living in Los Angeles to coach the Clippers, and it makes a lot of sense for him to take a step back from coaching and focus on running a team so he doesn’t have to deal with the day-to-day burdens and the long road trips.

Still, why would he leave the Clippers? Well, after four years of failure to build a contending supporting cast around the Clippers’ core, it’s time for Steve Ballmer to pull Doc’s basketball operations duties. If Rivers stays in L.A., I believe it will be strictly as the head coach, and rather than deal with a new boss, Doc will choose to go home and be the boss in Orlando.


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Way back in the preseason, I wrote an article examining the impact of a new head coach to a hockey team. The bottom line was that teams improved by nearly 6 standings points on average, but Boudreau’s first two clubs improved by an outlandish 23.5 points on average. The Wild, of course, saw a massive jump in their own standings numbers compared to the previous season, jumping from 87 to 106 points. If it hadn’t been for the disastrous slump in March, the Wild likely would have reached, if not surpassed, the 20 point improvement mark. As it is, an increase of 19 points was a welcome sign that Chuck Fletcher found the best man available when he hired Boudreau.

A basketball purist may complain how Westbrook marred the fourth quarter, but those two teams dueling was peak entertainment. When you’re dealing with the two players who have ostensibly had the two best seasons (since they’re presumably going 1-2 for MVP), that’s what you’re looking for. The NBA is entertainment, and we all want high stakes, something Rockets-Thunder Game 2 provided for us.
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It’s the same with Celtics-Bulls. The series itself hasn’t been great, but a No. 1 seed falling to a No. 8 seed is wonderful drama. It does feel like Boston is the victim of their own fantastic regular season, but this is still an upset, no matter how you look at it. The pressure — and the intrigue — now falls on Chicago, to see if they can complete the upset.

Elite Mens John Simon Jersey As for Jazz-Clippers, the series has been dampened by Rudy Gobert’s absence. He’ll miss Game 3 again, but Utah did prove they can win without him thanks to Joe Johnson’s game-winning floater in Game 1. Now back at home, the question is whether they can steal another one and buy time for their potential Defensive Player of the Year to get back on his feet and into this series.

Here’s how you watch a fantastic three-game slate of games.

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The Boston Celtics are back in their first-round series vs. the Chicago Bulls after a decisive 104-87 win on Friday night at the United Center. The secret to the Celtics’ success in Game 3? According to Avery Bradley, it was an inspirational speech from Kevin Garnett.

Kids Chandler Catanzaro Jersey Kevin Garnett recorded an inspirational message to Celtics and relayed it through trainer Ed Lacerte. Got team pumped for Game 3.

Kids Rodney Stuckey Jersey Garnett was famous for his intensity and knows a thing or two about what it takes to win in Boston. With the victory, the Celtics now only trail Chicago 2-1 in the best of seven series. Game 4 is on Sunday.

There is the issue of Miller, who has clearly struggled throughout the playoffs. In eight games he has only accumulated a single assist. In Game 2, he was 1-5 on faceoffs (16.67 percent), which is probably why Vigneault is considering shifting him to the wing for Game 3.

Although Miller has not been on a line with Kreider nor Zibanejad in the playoffs thus far, he played with Zibanejad during the regular season. And throughout their Rangers£ª careers, Miller and Kreider have been featured on a line together. As Kreider and Zibanejad have created chances together, Vignuealt could hope that their play could re-spark Miller£ªs offense.

In the absence of offense from those who it was expected, Grabner and Fast have been two of the Rangers most consistent forwards on both sides of the ice. They have not only limited chances against, but have provided much-needed offense throughout the playoffs. Since the combination of Grabner and Fast has been key for the Rangers, Vigneault should consider keeping them together.

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The Cincinnati Bengals drafted Joe Mixon, a running back out of Oklahoma who punched a woman in college and broke bones in her face, in the second round. Bengals owner Mike Brown personally approved the pick, while “about half of the boards” of teams around the league did not even include Mixon due to the incident, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network. Then, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that an anonymous survey taken of all 32 teams, “only four said they would consider drafting” Mixon.

Dallas Cowboys legend Drew Pearson announced the team’s No. 60 overall pick and he was more than happy to get the boos from the Philadelphia fans in attendance. He got so into it he started yelling over it, thanking them for his long and successful career in Dallas and rubbing in the fact that the Cowboys have five Super Bowl titles. It was an incredible pick announcement, one of the best in NFL Draft history.

Oh and the Cowboys took a very, very good player in Chidobe Awuzie, a cornerback out of Colorado.

No one is really sure who the best quarterback prospect is in 2017. Trubisky is a popular pick to be the first passer off the board, but he only has one season as a starter. Watson led Clemson to a national championship, but his dual-threat game may be difficult to translate to the NFL. DeShone Kizer raises similar concerns — just without the sustained team success.

Patrick Mahomes is quickly rising up draft boards thanks to a tremendous spring. He led the FBS in passing yards in 2016, but he did so for Texas Tech, a program with a rich history of aerial brilliance and NFL flameouts.

Each of the draft’s top quarterbacks has major question marks surrounding his viability as a franchise passer. The need for a steady hand behind center has elevated all four to potential first-round status, but this group pales in comparison to the draft classes we saw in 2015 (Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota) and 2014 (Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr, Jimmy Garoppolo).

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King made a name for himself with a prolific 2015, punishing quarterbacks who dared test him by recording eight interceptions and breaking up 13 passes as Iowa enjoyed one of the finest seasons in program history.

He earned a boatload of accolades — consensus All-American, Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year and the Jim Thorpe Award, bestowed upon the nation’s best defensive back— but he turned down an almost certain first-round NFL draft selection that spring to earn his degree in Iowa City, fulfilling a promise to his mother in the process.

Sure, his numbers dipped in 2016, but that is more a result of teams avoiding his side of the field than any significant on-field decline.

The questions now are how effective he can be as a cornerback, in what sort of role, or if he’s best suited sliding over to safety. King’s FBS production was unparalleled, but his size (5’10, 201 pounds) and athletic ability dropped him to the middle of a stacked class of defensive backs.

Game Kids Thurman Thomas Jersey Their statements were so effusive that Trey Wingo was forced to interject.

We’re not saying that he didn’t commit this. We’re just saying ‘This is what people have told you’ about his character when you’ve asked about him. We just want to make sure we’re clear on that.

Gruden’s statements were based on conjecture from knowing and trusting the Raiders’ front office. Riddick’s statements about Conley’s character have zero bearing on the potential for him to be guilty of sexual assault. It’s important to remember the actual statistics on sexual assault.

Obviously if he laid a hand on that woman without her consent I hope he doesn’t get drafted ever. But at the end of the day if this woman’s lying about everything — congratulations to the young man.

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The second round of the NFL draft got underway along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia on Friday night. League commissioner Roger Goodell is famously a target of fans ire, and he regularly gets booed while stepping to the podium on draft nights. Goodell had a plan — and maybe it was tongue in cheek — to circumvent this problem for himself on Friday. He brought along a local legend.

Goodell walked to the draft stage alongside former Eagles quarterback and current Guy On TV Who Really Loves Philadelphia Ron Jaworski. He was booed anyway; the presence of Jaworski did little to quell the peoples outburst toward the commish.

Aaron Donald Jersey Jaworski did his best to be a loyal hype man, while Goodell took the fans voracious jeering in stride as well as he could have. This was fine.

At 61 and 211 pounds, Wilson is a big, physical cornerback who, to some, resembles a linebacker and thrives in big matchups. He shadows receivers well, tracking routes step for step. His fluid hips prevent many gaps in coverage, making even quick outs a tough sell. According to Pro Football Focus, this led to just 16 receptions against him last fall — or just 1.2 per game.

Hes aggressive near the line of scrimmage and explodes toward the ball when its heading his way, leading to three interceptions and six pass breakups on just 49 targets in 2016. Hes also able to use that aggression to shed blocks and attack runners, where he tackles well.

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Jabrill Peppers was selected in the first round of the NFL draft Thursday night by the Cleveland Browns with the No. 25 overall pick.

Peppers was understandably excited for the next step in his football playing career, and celebrated with some dancing that was flawless in its execution.

The Browns will certainly be hoping that Peppers is that elusive and quick on the football field by the time the 2017 season comes along. Peppers leads us to believe that will primarily be at safety. The Browns got a first-round pick next year out of this selection, and that makes the pick get a higher grade. Picking Peppers though is a wild selection, though. He doesnt have a real position, so it seemed like he wouldve made sense in a defense with more pieces already in place. Still, hes an interesting building block and a bold choice for a team that continues to add early draft picks.
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Getting the rangiest safety in the draft is one hell of a way for Chris Ballard to begin his tenure as the Colts general manager. The safety position was a mosh of Andrew Williamson, T.J. Green and Clayton Geathers, so Hooker will presumably go straight to the top of the heap and take over at free safety.
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This is a big surprise, but boy does it make sense. Since drafting Marcus Mariota there hasnt been much of an effort to surround him with weapons, but now they get the top receiver in the draft. Davis was a little unheralded due to his competition and injuries, but hes a big-bodied receiver who can make the big plays.

There was talk that Jamal Adams could go as early as No. 2 overall, so getting him outside the top five is good value even though safeties dont typically go this early. The Jets pass defense needs help and Adams will plug in right away and help, and probably boost the run defense as well.

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