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Bat flips. The bane of baseball fandom today. So, it shouldn’t shock anyone that Jose Bautista, bat-flip aficionado and drink-stirrer, is at the forefront of yet another bat-flip controversy. (Bat-flip controversy? That seems ridiculous to type. I digress.)

On Wednesday, Bautista got into it with the Braves after hitting a home run. The dinger didn’t tie the game, or give the Jays the lead, but it did pull the Blue Jays within four runs in the late stages of the game.

Not everything in this world is for everybody and nowhere does it say that to be a sports fan you have to like all sports equally. If you only like baseball for the brawls then you don’t actually like baseball — and that’s OK.

Everybody’s tastes are different. That’s why there are options. To me, a baseball-first sports fan, I want dramatic play on the field. Pitcher’s duels, flair, walk-offs and dancing. That is what makes baseball interesting.

Game Mens Marc-Edouard Vlasic Jersey I still hear about how batflips and celebrating home runs set a bad example for kids. The real bad example I’m seeing is the one that shows kids that throwing fastballs at people you’re mad at and then fighting about it is cool. It isn’t cool.

I would rather see players having fun than fighting. Fun is a much better example to set.

So thank you, Gio Gonzalez, Dusty Baker and the Washington Nationals. Thank you for not bowing to the old ways and rising above the idiocy.

Youth Zach Brown Jersey Now, please don’t make me look stupid and throw at Buster Posey tonight.

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