Darius Rucker had to play a charity concert last Friday

It looks like a Rice Krispy treat BUT IT ISN’T. OH NO NO NO. No one knows until it’s too late! Now, put on another sheet of paper, and smash your face against it repeatedly to flatten the rice and even it out. After this, start spooning out your blended meatstuff:

Mark Ingram Kids Jersey Darius Rucker had to play a charity concert last Friday. The country singer and ex-Hootie and the Blowfish frontman performs the night before the Bulls Bay Intercollegiate Golf Tournament every year, and usually, taking the stage around 7:15 p.m. isn鈥檛 an issue. This year, however, was different: South Carolina was playing Baylor in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament at exactly the same time.

Authentic Kids New England Patriots Jersey Rucker is arguably the biggest South Carolina fan on the planet. An alum of the school, he鈥檚 good friends with head coach Frank Martin and regularly goes to games, visiting the team in the locker room whenever he swings by. He wasn鈥檛 about to miss watching the Gamecocks, but he also couldn鈥檛 push the concert back. So he did what any die-hard fan who has to play a concert while their team is playing would do: installed TVs on the stage so that he could watch the game and make music at the same time.

The goal should be to make the Dolphins one dimensional. Take away the run, and make these receivers get open consistently. The Chargers should play a lot of Cover 1, where the corners can just play, instead of think. Let them know that they have help over the top and in the middle (where there would be a robber helping), so they can sit on routes and protect the sideline.

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