There is no formula for drafting a quarterback.

This will be on display again on April 26 when as many as six quarterbacks are projected to go in the first round and four might go in the top 10.

This college quarterback class has been heralded as one of the best in years. Yet, there is no consensus on who is the best quarterback in this class, and there is no predicting how any of these quarterbacks will fare as professionals.

At Mississippi State, Mullen had to push to raise the bar.

At Florida, there’s no question where it stands.

Asked what the “Gator Standard” means, Mullen said it’s about embracing the tradition as well as the expectations.

“They want to win now,” said linebacker David Reese, who grew so frustrated last season that he called out teammates publicly at one point after a loss. “That’s the thing: We’re happy that they actually want to win now.”

Schoenfield: We’ve seen the inconsistency on the mound, but the stuff is too good to finish with an ERA that high. I think he gets it under 4.00, maybe into the 3.50 range. I’d be shocked if he hits .300, although he’s made some early adjustments — such as dropping the leg kick he had in Japan — and has shown he’ll go to the opposite field, so it’s hard to shift on him. But he’s going to strike out, which will drop the average. I’ll say .277.

Miller: The ERA will get better — mid- to high-3s seems about right — and the OPS will get worse, but I’ve got absolutely no idea whether he’s ultimately a .750 guy or a .900-plus guy. We’ve already seen the league’s hitters start to adjust against him (spitting on the splitter, especially), and it’ll now be interesting to see the league’s pitchers try. He’s still fantastic.

Which under-the-radar player off to a hot start should fans keep an eye on?

Schoenfield: Hey, my NL MVP pick was Tommy Pham, and he’s hitting .348/.477/.522. The MVP odds are long, but that’s a guy doubling down on his excellent 2017 season and proving he’s one of the best all-around players in the game.

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