Robert Griffin III, once one of the league’s rising young stars, is a free agent once again. The dual-threat, oft-injured quarterback is reportedly getting released by the Cleveland Browns just a day after the team traded for Brock Osweiler.

The money-saving move ends Griffin’s disappointing tenure in Cleveland. He played only five games with the Browns, but won one more game (one) than the rest of the team’s starting passers. He was due to count $8.7 million against the team’s salary cap this fall, a raise from the $5.2 million he had cost in 2016.

For more than $1 million per appearance, the Browns got a passer with a 72.5 rating — worse than every starting quarterback in the league but Osweiler and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Griffin was brought to Cleveland in hopes of reviving his career and a moribund franchise. Neither came to fruition.

From a physical standpoint, McDowell might be the most singularly gifted player in this year’s draft. At 6’6 and 295 pounds, McDowell can line up all over the place and he has the athleticism to be a star. It’s just a question of whether or not he’ll work to actualize his obvious talent.

Here’s the situation NFL teams will consider when the draft happens. Do you take McDowell because you love his size and potential? Or do you wait a round or two and see if you can get Villanova’s Tanoh Kpassagnon, who has nearly identical size and athleticism, but comes from a small school and is maybe a little less refined of a player? The question about effort may be the tiebreaker.

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Most damning for the Lakers is their timing. Last week, when Jeanie Buss canned longtime Lakers executives Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak and hired Magic Johnson as president of basketball operations, it seemed to, at the very least, give the Lakers some much-needed clarity.

Even if Johnson has zero front-office experience, it was clear that he’d at least be in charge. Such a thing might seem minuscule, but there were considerable doubts about the Lakers’ leadership entering this summer, when Jim Buss’ self-imposed timeline was scheduled to expire.

The Lakers enjoyed the glow of Johnson’s arrival — and the sense of direction it seemed to promise — for a little more than a week before they descended further into madness, which probably won’t help them recruit promising executives if they hope to build out their front office.

Did you see the one where the late owner’s son said he’d fire himself in a few years if the team he helped run into the ground still stunk by then, and if he didn’t bolt, that he’d probably be fired by his own sister — the president of their family-run outfit — and replaced, likely, by her longtime fiancé?

What about the one where the sister and her fiancé split, then she hired back one of their outfit’s most beloved familiar faces, then cleaned house — and, yes, fired her brother — while promoting that familiar face to an executive position for which he has no prior experience?

Or how about the latest one, where two of the sister’s older brothers tried to oust her, and so, in retaliation, she filed a temporary restraining order and a lawsuit?

The Los Angeles Lakers also moonlight as a basketball team, sort of, but right now, their off-the-court drama challenges any daytime soap opera for bizarre twists and turns.

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I don’t know. Even though I barely mentioned them in my playoff picture primer, I’m starting to think the Hawks are good. Defense matters, and Atlanta is quite excellent at stopping opponents. The Hawks may not have enough offense to win another playoff series, but stranger things have happened.

Speaking of the Atlanta Hawks, Dwight Howard was ejected in the third quarter for hanging on the rim. It was his second technical. The NBA said after the game that Howard shouldn’t have been ejected. It didn’t end up mattering as Atlanta won, but what if Boston would have come back? Officiating errors that change not just one play but the entire contours of a game are really bad.

This Celtics fan thought she was getting Dwight’s jersey after he was ejected. “LMAO,” Howard thought to himself as he pulled the okeydoke.

Kyle Lowry hurt his wrist and will sit a few weeks. This had better not derail Toronto’s playoff run.

Limited Youth Rob Gronkowski Jersey The case for Gordon Hayward as the NBA’s most underrated dunker.

Stockton Malone Shorts is the real name of a real high-level amateur player in Utah.

Seeing the Cubs play is going to be pretty expensive this season. Bleed Cubbie Blue tells you how to see them without emptying your 401K or giving up your firstborn child.

Jarrod Dyson could be the solution to the Mariners never-ending leadoff man problems.

The Giants farm system might not be deep, but they have some guys who could help them sooner rather than later.

Limited Mens Shaun Hill Jersey On the occasion of such a massive public screw-up as the Oscars, Over the Monster decided to take a look at the five biggest Red Sox screw-ups of all-time.

Guess what? Tim Tebow’s back, everybody!

Watch two kids freak out when they get Mike Trout autographs, just like you would if it happened to you. Don’t even pretend you’d be able to keep it together.

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If you’ve been hoping to finish up on your seven-round mock draft, you can now officially do that, because we know where all 32 teams will be picking during April’s NFL Draft.

The final piece of the puzzle was released on Friday when the NFL awarded 32 compensatory selections to 16 teams. Although the exact formula the league uses to award picks hasn’t been released, we do know that it basically comes down to this: a team that loses more or better compensatory free agents than it acquires in the previous year is eligible to receive compensatory draft picks.

Using that “formula,” the big winners this year were the Bengals, Broncos, Chiefs and Browns, who all received four extra picks. The Dolphins (3), Rams (2) and Seahawks (2) were the only other teams to received multiple compensatory picks.

If no one is willing to give Bell the kind of contract he wants even without losing draft picks, he’d be eligible to stay in Pittsburgh on a one-year deal that equates to, per a league source, 5.892 percent of the 2017 salary cap. That’s considerably less than the 7.257-percent rate that applies under the franchise tag for running backs.

Based on a $165 million salary cap, those percentages equate to a franchise tender of $11.97 million and a transition tender of $9.72 million. For the Steelers, the question becomes whether it’s worth the extra $2.25 million to prevent another team from trying to pilfer Bell.

If the Steelers believe that no other team would break the bank for a guy who a significant injury history, a groin injury that was bad enough to at least make surgery an option, and a pair of substance-abuse policy violations, it makes plenty of sense to save the money and retain the rights to a running back who has been great when healthy and available, but who isn’t healthy and available often enough (he has missed 20 total games in four seasons) to justify that kind of investment.

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Similarly, one good pie seems to override the common sense that pies in general are trash. It¡¯s a deception to posture otherwise. They don¡¯t taste good. There¡¯s too much going on with them. They¡¯re messy. And even worse, they look bad. They look like the Lord of the Rings: Battle of the Five Armies dwarves of pastry foods.

It¡¯s redundant but important to repeat this: cakes are delicious. Just thinking of them now fills me with joy. They are the epitome of what a dessert should be. The shining example to the imposters. Everything, every food, event or injury, is made better or is healed when a cake is part of the equation.

They are simply the best.

When Bobby Valastro was arrested back in 2014, he didn¡¯t try to argue his way out by referencing his community work or by apologizing. He said ¡°You can’t arrest me! I’m the Cake Boss.¡± Because cakes mean something in this world.
Womens Benoit Pouliot Jersey
Authentic Womens Julius Peppers Jersey Now, if there was no cake available and he absolutely had to eat a pie to stave off starvation, then fine. That¡¯s an understandable situation, though it still leaves a bad taste in one¡¯s mouth. Pies should be a last resort in a desperate situation. They¡¯re what you eat when you can no longer sleep off the hunger.

That might be a bit hyperbolic, but that¡¯s how awful pies look when compared to cakes. When they¡¯re held up to closer inspection, when compared to the light that is the cake, pies don¡¯t cool off, they crumble. They¡¯re shown to be nothing more than a distasteful and crude collage of ingredients, packed and packaged as something better than it really is. Used as the title of songs by the likes of Bob Dylan ¡ªwho definitely should have not won that Nobel Prize¡ª Don Mclean, The Beatles, and James Taylor.

All to no avail because no amount of propaganda can change the nature of pies. They¡¯re bad.

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Super Bowl 49 is a good matchup in its own right — the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots were both No. 1 seeds in their respective conferences — but two weeks of drama, from DeflateGate to fretting about what Marshawn Lynch does with his hand after touchdowns, have added a thick layer of intrigue. The whinging is almost over: The two teams will kickoff Sunday in Glendale, Ariz., at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will appear in their sixth Super Bowl together with the Patriots. The two have been the biggest constant on perhaps the NFL’s most consistent franchise since the turn of the century. Brady is once again quarterbacking one of the league’s best offenses. New England averaged 40 points scored in its two postseason wins after finishing the regular season fourth in scoring at 29.3 points per game.

The average over the last nine years was one minute, 56 seconds, but a couple have come in way over and way under. In 2012, Kelly Clarkson completed the song in a mere one minute, 34 seconds, while Alicia Keys took two minutes, 35 seconds in 2013.

There has also been controversy over the national anthem wager. In 2011, Christina Aguilera was well on her way to the OVER when she skipped a verse. Her performance resulted in a PUSH for many casinos. Some elected to refund customers as nobody had noticeably flubbed the lyrics in that manner. Aguilera’s performance also resulted in the addition of the wager on whether the singer will miss a word. Menzel did not miss any words in her performance.
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Limited Youth Mike Pouncey Jersey Zibanejad nearly made it 2-0 on a power-play goal late in the period. The goal was disallowed after a review for offside.

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